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Relaunching MountainRunner.us

Generally speaking, I stopped blogging in December 2010 and resumed in January 2015, although there were some posts in early 2011 and a few more in early 2012. Because this blog began in November 2004 and was not maintained for the past four years, readers may find broken links — links denoted by a strikethrough — in a number of articles.  These may result from any one of the following:

  • This blog may have outlived many linked sites and references. Some of the sites, or pages, may have moved or do not exist anymore. When possible, and as time permits, I am updating dead links with links to the Wayback Machine, the Internet’s archive.
  • A system update changed the URL structure. From the beginning through December 2011, MountainRunner.us was hosted on MovableType. At the end of 2011, I migrated the site to WordPress which brought new features and usability and a facelift. It also meant the URL structure changed, including dropping ‘.html’ from the address.
  • The change in URLs caused a reset for Facebook Likes and similar social media stats.  Posts that existed prior to the migration no longer show the Facebook Likes or shares.

By the way, as of January 1, 2015, since the start of this blog as an anonymous platform over ten years ago, there have been nearly 2,200 posts and almost 2,300 comments published.

Now you know.

  • Jas Logue says:

    Hi Matt,

    Welcome Back. Missed you while you were gone. Looking forward to getting re-engaged as you plough ahead.