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OMB Watch: GAO Report on Public Diplomacy Creates Opportunity for Nonprofits

From OMB Watch:

The General Accountability Office released U.S. Public Diplomacy: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight on May 27, 2009. It finds weaknesses in U.S. international communications efforts and notes that the President must issue a new comprehensive communications and public diplomacy strategy by December 2009. Recommendations call for a “clear definition of the problem, desired results, and a delineation of agency roles and responsibilities.” Development of a new strategy creates an opportunity for the U.S. nonprofit sector to urge greater recognition of the role of philanthropy and aid and development programs in countering violent extremism, and development of policies that encourage and facilitate that work.

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  • Yale Richmond

    Len Baldyga’s proposal would require NGOs and their volunteers to adhere to US government policy if they are to receive as USG grant. But to follow that to its logical conclusion, if there were a change of administration every four years, half of the volunteers might have to resign every four years.We need the NGOs and their volunteers because the task of PD is too great for government alone to do the job, and we should keep politics out of it.