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    Chinese Peace Corps + Energy Exploitation

    In the spirit of challenges of securing energy sources and "hearts and minds" comes an article in the People’s Daily Online: The 12 young volunteers from places such as Beijing, Sichuan and Yunnanwere going to Ethiopia in Africa to begin a six-month service work in methane exploitation, Chinese-language teaching, physical education, health care and information technology. This Chinese Peace Corps is now in competition to win the hearts and minds with a Peace Corps perceived to be co-opted by the Defense Department. The long term goal for China is clearly cultural and technological imperialism as they seek to recreate a multi-polar world. From the recent UNOCAL take-over attempt by CNOOC…

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    Electronic Extortion

    I recently became hooked on the TV series 24. Unfortunately, through Netflix we were able to watch the three seasons prior to the one that just ended. The point is CTU’s (Counter Terrorism Unit) utilization of technology is impressive and indicative of where things can go. It also demonstrated the reliance on technology and also where things can go. Heavy reliance on technology for voting, combat, or security can easily lead to over-reliance. Once "over" happens, a weak link can be targeted.

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    PMC publicity getting more negative

    The friction between soldiers of the state and contract soldiers is similar to that of information technology departments over a decade ago that made Dilbert cartoons so famous. But there is a different between Dogbert and Ratbert and private industry soldiers.

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    Rove leak is just part of larger scandal

    From: Rove leak is just part of larger scandal from CSMonitor.com: Let me remind you that the underlying issue in the Karl Rove controversy is not a leak, but a war and how America was misled into that war. We Americans so quickly lose perspective and history of even a recent and ongoing debate. Bush and his closest advisors should receive the Reagan Teflon Award for their ability to avoid realities and resist hooks and ropes that would bring down others.

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    Strategic Scapegoating?

    Before delegating the efforts in Afghanistan to the rubbish bin, we cannot fail to appreciate the history and real potential of the region and people.