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    Chavez’s public diplomacy: Playing to American Poor

    First it was Citgo / Chavez offer to subsidize 25 million gallons of heating oil for 100,000 US households, now it is is Castro offering free eye care for US poor. The opportunity for both Chavez and Castro to exploit American (as in US) poor is an opportunity the Administration has not intercepted. Consider the news coverage of the Chavez / Citgo offer and consider the coverage the Castro offer will get. Pay attention to the response, both verbal and policy, by the Administration. What type of rejection will the Bush Administration give? The Chavez offer, followed by the "exposure" by Katrina, and then the Castro offer… how will the…

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    More on expanding the US military’s public diplomacy capabilities

    News brief: The US military has clearly signed off on communicating their story in the modern media environment. As part of the Transformation of the US military, the United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) has announced JPASE to set "the pace for joint military public affairs". A still-developing group of joint public affairs professionals have helped to bring a constant flow of timely, accurate information from combatant commanders to news organizations that set up camp wherever American forces operate… The speed of the Internet, cable news and other media all contribute to rapid shaping of public opinion of military operations. Armed forces public affairs personnel and their communication skills are…

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    War News Radio

    An interesting news report from NPR on information communication technology being used to interview Iraqis. This has broad implications in cultural diplomacy, among other fields.

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    Mother Jones Interview with Marc Lynch – Voices of the New Arab Public

    News brief: I had the opportunity to speak at length with Marc recently about the Middle East (and other topics). The recently unmasked blogger, Abu Aardvark, has some very interesting and intriguing thoughts and ideas on the Middle East. A recent Mother Jones interview is available, which is a good read. Also, check out Marc’s blog on the book and the press it has received. Technorati Tags: Public Diplomacy, Middle East

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    Islamic Republic News Agency (Iranian official news) reaches out

    I have a GoogleAlert for “public diplomacy” and it gave me a link the following headline: UK Foreign Office urged to improve public diplomacy. What is interesting about this post is the source is the Islamic Republic News Agency (English version). The IRNA site is offered in nine languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and Farsi. The content changes based on the language, presumably to provide targeted information to the national audience of the selected language. The Iranians have the outreach down far better than most government communication services, Western or otherwise. Very impressive and deserving of a deeper discussion on their own efforts at media diplomacy through…

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    CIA Torture Flights… UK Memo

    News brief from the Scotsman: Memo points to more ‘rendition’ flights: A leaked memo from the Foreign Office to Downing Street last night revealed uncertainty in Whitehall over the number of so-called "rendition" flights operated secretly by the US through British airspace. The Scotsman.com is a great resource for information. They exploit internet technology the way it should be. Here is a page of dynamic Scotsman.com content on the CIA flights and the RSS feed for same.

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    China’s Africa expansion

    News briefs from UPI and People’s Daily Online. First, the raw story, later an analysis. First, from UPI: China’s Africa expansion   Over the last decade China and the continent of Africa have gradually been building diplomatic and economic ties in the hopes of further advancing globalization and enjoying mutually beneficial cooperation. But now with a mounting global oil crisis and reforms underway at the United Nations, China has emerged as a growing ally to most of the 57 African territories, stepping up efforts to expand its ties to the continent, host of the world’s least-developed countries.

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    Public Diplomacy brought to you by the Department of Defense, not State

    News brief from Yemen: US Troops help animals in Yemen. More than 780 animals were treated as part of a free veterinary project by American forces last week, the US military news agency reported. Local veterinarians joined with civil affairs team members from the US Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa to treat herds in the villages of Bani Mamoon, Thula and Hababa. Animals were given vitamins and anti-parasitic medication and were checked for any other problems. While the number of animals treated was lower than in past held by the task force, team members said they felt the mission was succesful, according to the American Forces Press Service.…

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    DOD as our public diplomat in Pakistan

    The headline Schoomaker champions Pakistan relief mission is just further emphasis of the empty promises of the Karen Hughes public diplomacy and the emphasis by the military on public outreach (see US Military rates PD higher the USG). True, the military is a branch of the USG (US Government), but the paltry sum the USG itself dedicated to cultural diplomacy compared to sustained efforts and funding by the military, instead of USAID or other services / functions / paths, is not to lauded. The fact the military is the outreach is great, but is the military liason w/ the civilian sector going to build the long-term relations we want? Is…

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    Once again, heeeeeeeere’s al-Jazeera

    Eccentric Star has a posting with articles on al-Jazeera’s postive (from our perspective) on Arab (not Islamist) publics. I have heard (and received) arguments that al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece for Islamism and anti-Americanism. Eccentric Star’s article demonstrates the US is not the only target of AJ which I wrote about in the context of public diplomacy, or lack of. Possibly the Bush Administration, in its failure to take Egypt to task on the unfair elections and its continued reliance on an unpopular government that contributes to the perception of a double-standard US, see al-Jazeera attacks on Egypt as attacks on the Administration?