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    The category “Unmanned Warfare” on this site is intended to highlight and comment on unmanned & remote warfare. In this context, I will use unmanned vehicles to refer to the collective aerial, ground, and naval vehicles (and vessels). This is better than writing all the acronyms. These may be not, semi-, or full-autonomous. They may be controlled on the battlefield or on the homeland by a civilian or a soldier. UAV- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (news here) UGV- Unmanned Ground Vehicle (info here) UUV- Unmanned Underwater Vehicle USV- Unmanned Surface Vehicle News on both UUV/USV available here Reports on: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap 2005-2030 from Office of SecDef Aug 2005 Unmanned…

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    Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems

    News brief from DigitalJournal.com on "The Remote Controlled Military and the Future of Warfare": In a secluded desert in California, two sleek 27-foot-long planes zip across the sky, dipping and swerving like air-show hotshots. But the flying turns vicious when a pop-up target appears and the Boeing aircraft quickly communicate with each other to determine which has the better chance of destroying it. One plane drops a 250-pound GPS-guided bomb from 35,000 feet, hitting the bull’s-eye. Before the planes can react, an anti-aircraft missile zooms towards them, and they each safely roll out of the missile’s path. Transitioning from precision-guided munitions to the next generation of weapons will have a…

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    Update: Blackwater Air goes lighter than Air

    Blackwater USA is a prominent, and possibly cutting edge, private military contractor. The only private firm with air resources (side note, they’ve taken casualties… one was shot down last April with fatalities) will expand into remotely piloted craft: Blackwater Airship’s initial focus will be the development and deployment of small remotely piloted airship vehicles (RPAVs) that can operate from 5,000 – 15,000 feet, move and hover, and stay aloft for up to four days. The airships will be equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and detection equipment that can detect, record, and communicate in real time to friendly forces the movement and activities of terrorists. Gary Jackson, president of Blackwater USA said,…

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    Even more on Webcams…

    GoogleMaps has awesome extensibility. Known as mashups, GooCam shows the geo location of unprotected/open webcams. They may be some hidden ones not intended to be accessible. Now if only somebody would make an ocean / news mashup include pirate attacks…

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    More Webcams

    Following up on Controlling Webcams is this bit about the UK experimenting with police CCTV available directly to the citizenry. Concerned and watchful people can report anonymous tips to the police from the voyeur perches.

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    Controlling Webcams

    A WiredNews article about hackers and spy cams could portend problems with remote warfare against a technologically advanced adversary that might, say, have a government-sponsored Tiger Teams (and here)? The Wired article focuses on Axis cameras that can remotely controlled and their images edited. Back in Oct 2005, Yorkshire Ranter shed the same light on the issue, along with technical details. A quick google search turns up an airport cam, a swiss cam, and others. Search for yourself using this Google search (which will only bring up Axis cameras not properly protected on the Net). I did not find anything interesting but the technology warning is ever present: be careful…

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    Camera Grenade and Other Thoughts

    From the unattended & remote warfare department is this tool: "The HUNTIR Round is a fixed-type cartridge designed to be fired from 40mm Grenade Launchers M79 and M203 (attached to the M16/M16A1 rifle) or a Milkor MK-1/[MGL-140] Grenade Launcher. The round consists of a cartridge case assembly, and a metal projectile body containing a first fire charge, a pyrotechnic delay column, an ejection charge, a CMOS Camera, and a parachute assembly. Upon firing, the projectile assembly is propelled to an average height of 700 feet, the first fire charge ignites the pyrotechnic delay element, which ignites an ejection charge that effectively ejects the CMOS Camera, which is attached to the…

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    Intelligenct Munitions

    News brief on Intelligent Munitions System (IMS) continuing the conversation / awareness of remote controlled warfare. Matrix system uses a laptop computer to remotely control both lethal M-18 claymore munitions and nonlethal M-5 modular crowd-control devices, which contain rubber pellets. Matrix is ideal for firebase security, landing-zone security, and both infrastructure and check-point protection.