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This blog supports the many communities interested in public diplomacy and strategic communication.  This is done in part by providing a forum for other voices to share and discuss ideas and activities related to understanding, informing, and influencing global publics.

A guest post should start or contribute to a discussion on a topic relevant to understanding, informing, and influencing global publics.  This would include public diplomacy and strategic communication, international broadcasting, development and capacity building, and more.

The post should be a reference to those interested in the activities above,  related activities, or the making of policy.  They can highlight an issue or disagree with a policy.  Unlike other forums, articles do not need to strike a balance between specialists and generalists: they can be entirely “inside baseball.”

Articles that reads like lobbying, advertisements, or partisan (doesn’t matter what party) will not be accepted.

The structure should be like an op-ed, starting with the argument to draw the reader in, and short, ideally around 800 words.  Articles can be longer, however getting up to and beyond a 1,000 words decreases the reach of the item.  In the case a subject needs that many words, consider posting a series of short articles instead one long article.

A short bio, 2-3 sentences, must be included with the post.

Guest posts are subject to editing by me, Matt Armstrong.  Any such edits will be  shared with the author prior to publishing.  I reserve the right to the final say on whether or not to publish a guest post.

This blog’s readership is broad and deep.  The publicly available statistics (like the map in the right margin) includes only a small fraction of the actual reach.  Posts are frequently and almost always forwarded through email to individuals, groups, and institutional distribution lists.  Regular readers are found across the U.S. Government, including the Congress, foreign ministries of other countries, and think tanks and professors and students around the world.  While the map in the margin does not adequately capture the number of visitors, it conveys the blog’s reach.

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