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    Looking for blogs by Foreign Service Officers?

    I have to admit that I’ve been lax (to put it mildly) on maintaining my blog roll. Once upon a time it was something I minded very carefully. Now, to be honest, I’m not even sure who is on it as I haven’t looked at in a very long time. In the past, the platform that managed my blog reading also managed the lists on this site (there were two, a “short list” of essential reads and a longer list of recommended reads). After that service was discontinued, I hard coded the lists and moved them to their own page and promptly forgot about them. Why am I telling you…

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    US Government Meets New Media

    From Helle Dale at The Heritage Foundation, Public Diplomacy 2.0: Where the U.S. Government Meets “New Media”: Public diplomacy and strategic communications experts within the U.S. government are exploring the potential of the new social media in the effort to win hearts and minds abroad, especially in the Muslim world where today’s war of ideas is being fought. Enemies of the United States are already expert in using these low-cost outreach tools that can connect thousands, potentially even millions, at the touch of a computer key or cell phone button. As public affairs blogger Matt Armstrong writes, In this age of mass information and precision guided media, everyone from political…

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    An Introduction to Using Network Maps in Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication

    By Ali Fisher We live in a networked world. Whether known as family, kinship, tribe, village, neighbourhood, community, work place colleagues, or online social network, they are all networks in the sense of being a series of relationships between different individuals. Social network analysis (SNA) explores the relationship between actors within a network by identifying the points that people “huddle around”. Network maps allow a researcher to visualise and analyse data on complex interactions or relationships between large numbers of actors. In these maps the dots (nodes) are actors within the network and the lines (ties, edges or arcs) identify a relationship between the nodes which the tie connects. Through…

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    Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy is at Odds with Social Media, and What to Do about It: an interview with Matt Armstrong

    Public affairs and pubic diplomacy blogger Matt Armstrong of Armstrong Strategic Insights Group, LLC discusses U.S. Public Diplomacy, repairing America’s image abroad and whether or not the U.S. Department of State will ever be adequately resourced to lead the nation’s global engagement efforts through social media.

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    Broadband hits Africa

    From Foreign Policy, a map showing increased connectivity and the importance of investing in Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) in Africa. As interconnectivity between African countries increases, economic benefits are expected, especially in Kenya, which has a fast developing IT sector. Other potential impacts include education and access to media. Increased interconnectivity also means increased importance of online media. See also this 2007 global map by Alcatel-Lucent (5.6mb PDF).

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    World Map of Social Networks

    Interesting data crunching from Italy on social network use around the globe. See the map at right and the data below. Some visible patterns to highlight: – Facebook has almost colonized Europe and it’s extending its domination with more than 200 millions users – QQ, leader in China, is the largest social network of the world (300 millions active accounts) – MySpace lost its leadership everywhere (except in Guam) – V Kontakte is the most popular in Russian territories – Orkut is strong in India and Brazil – Hi5 is still leading in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and other scattered countries such as Portugal, Mongolia, Romania – Odnoklassniki is strong in…