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    Event: Smart Power, New Media and Public Diplomacy

    MITRE Corporation launches a new lecture series titled “Smart Power”. First up is Jeremy Curtin, Coordinator of the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP), on May 27, from 9:00 to 10:00 am. His presentation, “Smart Power, New Media and Public Diplomacy,” will be webcast live at http://www.cpcwebcast.com/state.

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    The White House, Social Media, and Public Diplomacy

    Be sure to read the interesting op-ed by Jim Hoagland in The Washington Post titled A President Goes Friending. It’s pretty clear Mr. Hoagland doesn’t quite know what to make of the new-fangled means of communication. To his credit, he admits it: My reaction no doubt resembles that of a blacksmith at the turn of the last century catching his first thrilling, then horrifying, glimpse of a motorcar. Mr. Hoagland is not alone. The media, many public affairs officers, and governments in general, tend to view “now media” as a distinct world and not another channel of communication. Of course with any new medium of engagement there’s a fear. The…

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    Posts and articles worth your attention. Smith-Mundt and Domestic Dissemination by Darren Krape (3 March 2009) This post grew out of the recent Smith-Mundt Symposium… First my general read-out of the event is that the issue remains quite contentious and with little overall agreement. Many argue the law should be kept, or even strengthened (and its remit expanded to the entire U.S. government) while others argue it should be completely repealed. A third group feel the argument is pointless since the law is out-dated and should be ignored, which can be done since, in the end, there are no “Smith-Mundt police” to arrest anyone for violating the law. State’s Wrong…

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    Are you a blogger interested in foreign affairs? Want a job?

    If you like the State Department’s Digital Outreach Team and wanted to join them, you may be interested in a job offer I ran across. Orbitus, LLC, is looking for an “international blogger” to engage global audiences online in discussions pertaining to American culture, society and foreign policy via social networking forums, blogs and chat rooms in an effort to further dialogue and promote common understanding and cultural exchange.