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    Jazz Diplomacy: a Cold War Relic?

    By Candace Burnham Pop quiz: name three jazz artists under the age of 50. Maybe you named popular favorites Wynton and Branford Marsalis, but can you name any of their albums? Does anyone else spring to mind? No? You’re not alone – if anemic record sales are any indication, a majority of Americans would draw a blank at that question. As a trumpet player who graduated from a jazz school, I’m acutely aware of the fact that jazz is simply not as ubiquitous today as it was sixty years ago. Yet, it’s still the crown jewel in US public diplomacy efforts. We export it as representative of American culture, but…

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    Syllabus for Public Diplomacy and Technology (PUBD510)

    Once again I will teach PUBD510: Public Diplomacy and Technology this coming Spring semester at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism as part of the Master of Public Diplomacy program. The course will be Fridays, 10a – 12:50p. The current – draft – syllabus to the schedule of classes (direct link to the 614kb PDF is here). All comments are welcome.

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    PUBD510: Public Diplomacy and Technology

    We are in a world where “old” and “new” media converge to create “now media”. Focus must be on the information, and the listening being generated in a noisy environment, not the channels of delivery. The modern information environment is fluid and dynamic and never simple. Information jumps from one medium to another with ease as it is repackaged and forwarded by proxies. Stories by the BBC or The New York Times do not exist solely in the realm of broadcast or dead trees. Beginning this week, Friday blogging is likely to be light as Public Diplomacy and Technology begins. This is a graduate course I’m teaching at USC’s Annenberg…

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    Democracy Is…

    The second annual Democracy Video Challenge for 2010 is underway. If you haven’t checked out the winners of the 2009 challenge, do it. See also several submissions from students in USC Masters of Public Diplomacy program.