Relaunching the Blog


In December 2010, I stopped blogging. I returned to the blog in January 2015, with a few exceptions in early 2011 and early 2012. While blogging now seems almost quaint by modern standards, I will post here, as well at other outlets.

I began blogging in November 2004 as a way to practice writing after spending over a decade in the world of computer technology & knowledge management. The age of means there are many links in old posts that no longer work. These bad links, denoted by a strikethrough, result from any one of the following:

  • This blog outlived the referenced URL. Some locations may have moved or do not exist anymore. When possible, and as time permits, I will update dead links with links to the Wayback Machine, the Internet’s archive.
  • An upgrade to changed the URL structure for posts on this blog. This upgrade meant that posts dropped ‘.html’ from the address. If you encounter a bad link to a page on this site, removing ‘.html’ will probably serve up the correct page.

A note of vanity: the change in URLs reset the Facebook Likes and similar social media stats for posts prior to the migration.

Looking at the data between the start of this blog as an anonymous platform to practice writing through January 1, 2015, nearly 2,200 posts and almost 2,300 comments have been published.

Now you know.