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    The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Under Secretaries

    By Brian Carlson The following originally appeared at the Public Diplomacy Council and is republished here with permission.   Tara Sonenshine was confirmed Thursday night by the Senate, and she will probably take office officially early this week.  (She can be sworn in privately by some current official and begin work, even as a more formal ceremony is planned for a few weeks hence.) It is a new beginning down at Foggy Bottom.  Tara becomes only the seventh Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs since the job was created upon the merger of USIA into the Department in 1999. It is a propitious time to consider what habits lead to…

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    Call for papers: Strategically Managing America’s International Communication

    The U.S. Army War College is co-sponsoring a special issue "Public Relations Review" titled "Strategically Managing America’s International Communication in the 21st Century." This special issue’s editors are: Ray Hiebert, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland Frank Kalupa, Professor, James Madison University Dennis Murphy, Professor, Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War Colleg The editors encourage the submission of empirical, conceptual, quantitative and qualitative manuscripts are encouraged along with case studies explicating instructive strategic communication practices. Relevant topics might include cultural considerations, persuasion versus propaganda, ethics, policy influences, messaging, professional training and development, traditional and social media, public opinion and perceptions, reputation, measurement and evaluation, international collaboration, transparency, credibility or the…

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    Call for Papers: Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

    The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs is pleased to announce a general call for papers for their January 2011 issue. Manuscripts will be accepted on a variety of topics and may be either Features (3,000‐8,000 words) or Perspectives (1,500‐3,000 words). Include an abstract and adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. Send submissions and any questions to forum@tufts.edu by October 1, 2010. For more information, visit the Fletcher Forum website. Calls for Papers and Event Announcements are published here to further the discourse on America’s global engagement. For more CFPs and Events, visit the “public service announcement” (PSA) page of www.MountainRunner.us.

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    Call for Papers: 6th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security

    A call for papers: Information warfare, cyber-operations, and information security are areas of specialized research covering multiple areas of expertise. This conference is designed to bring together conceptualists, operators, and researchers to exchange and explore ideas covering these areas. Past conferences have attracted participants from all over the globe, providing for a rich environment of idea exchange. What: 6th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security When: 17-18 March 2011 Where: The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA Conference Chair: Dr. Julie Ryan, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA Program Chair: Dr. Edwin Leigh Armistead, Edith Cowan University, Australia Keynote Speaker: Matthew A. Stern, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems,…

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    Learning about food prices and your waist in 4min20s

    Not much to add to the comments of Alex Evans at Global Dashboard on this trans-cultural message on the rise of food prices with ties to health and self-sufficiency. I loved this public service announcement from the Japanese Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – easily the most succinct and accessible summary I’ve seen of why food prices have risen.  Also interesting to see how strongly the Japanese government is leading on messages of greater national self-sufficiency as the way forward. Certainly a model of communicating complex ideas. I like the dancing cows…

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    Attempting Unrestricted Warfare

    Briefly, MEMRI notes the “mujahideen’s growing interest in the state of the U.S. economy.”  As was argued in a 2007 MEMRI analysis, [1] many of the jihadists and their supporters have come to view their struggle against the U.S. and the West as an economic war. More specifically, they have come to the conclusion that it is financial, rather than military, losses that will prompt the U.S. to change its policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. Consequently, they emphasize the importance of targeting U.S. interests around the world, and of directing their military jihad primarily at targets that affect the U.S. economy. See also: Unrestricted Warfare by Qiao Liang,…

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    Into the Wild Blue goes the Greener Air Force

    While some are debating the utility of an independent Air Force today, they’re going green and striving for a zero carbon footprint. From Danger Room: North America’s largest solar energy plant just went online.  Not at some hippie commune or some high-minded company, looking to get into Al Gore’s good graces.  But at Nellis Air Force Base, just outside of Las Vegas.  The 140-acre, 15-megawatt plant is expected to save the base and the surrounding community about a million bucks a year.  And it’s just the “first step in a new initiative to host private alternative energy producers on its bases across the country,” according to Inside the Air Force.