The real Mountainrunner surveys her trail.

After a long pause, and a false start in December, MountainRunner is back. To get a logistical detail out of the way: if you subscribed to email updates from mountainrunner last month, last year, or last decade, you will need to re-subscribe as those subscribers will not (in fact, cannot) be migrated over to the new e-letter system. Subscribe hereContinue reading “Reboot”

Twitter Digest for recent @MountainRunner-related tweets

Twitter Digest for recent @MountainRunner-related tweets

Twitter Digest for recents @MountainRunner-related tweets

Disabling and Enabling Comments on the Blog

For anyone who tried to comment on the blog this week, and I know of at least one person, the comment capability was temporarily disabled by this blog’s hosting service. On occasion, the steady flow of attacks from spammers and others cause the host to disable various scripts (usually but not always the comment script) that support this site to protect the server on which it runs. Several times a year, the attacks (again, mostly but not entirely, spam) amount to a denial of service.

The blog is now fully restored. Comment at will.

R.I.P. Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor, professor of International Communications at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, passed away on 6 December 2010. Phil was a terrific and underappreciated researcher and thinker on the subject of influence and propaganda. A prolific writer on the subjects, he devoted tremendous time and energy into unveiling both historical and contemporary propaganda.

John Brown described Phil as “one of the greats in the study of the art of rhetoric.”

Phil will be missed.

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Abbreviated list of books authored or co-edited by Phil: