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    Media Roundtable Transcript is Online

    The transcript for the January 6, 2009, AOC Journalist Series meeting (aka media roundtable) is available: AOC_Journalist_Series_Transcript_010609 (83k PDF) Thank you to the Association of the Old Crows (AOC) for organizing and hosting this event. Panelists for this discussion were: Matt Armstrong   Armstrong Strategic Insights Group (ASIG)   www.MountainRunner.us David Firestein   US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy George Clack   Director, Office of Publications   Bureau of International Information Programs (DOS-IIP)   U.S. Department of State RADM Greg Smith   Director of Communications   US Central Command (CENTCOM)

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    Smith-Mundt Symposium in Pictures

    Briefly, over 260 people signed up for the Symposium. About 180 attended. Some people left because they had other appointments and few of those returned. A year ago, it was hard to imagine 50 people would be interested in a discussion about the Smith-Mundt Act. Tuesday’s event was well attended through to the end, 8.5 hours after it started (if include the sign-in and continental breakfast, 9.5 hours). After the fold, I’ve posted just a few pictures of the Smith-Mundt Symposium taken by my good friend (and fellow Masters of Public Diplomacy graduate) Yael Swerdlow. Yael was one of two photographers at the event. The other was from the Associated…

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    Symposium Audio: Glassman and Doran Keynotes

    Complete audio for the 2009 Smith-Mundt Symposium will be available soon. The transcript will be available in about two weeks. Below, however, are mp3’s for the two keynotes. I think many will find both interesting and very worthwhile to listen to sooner than later. Without comment (yet): Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Jim Glassman’s keynote and questions & answers begins 13:45 into the mp3 at the link below. The beginning nearly fourteen minutes is my introduction to the Symposium. http://mountainrunner.us/symposium/audio/smithmundtsymposium-glassman-011309.mp3 (54 minutes total, 13mb) Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Support to Public Diplomacy, now Special Advisor at the State Department, Mike Doran’s keynote…

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    The Smith-Mundt Symposium

    The 2009 Smith-Mundt Symposium was last night. The goal was to foster an interagency, inter-tribal, and cross-governmental discussion on the fundamentals of America’s global engagement. While the organizing principle was the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, it was really an act of subversion to have a discourse on shaping America’s discourse. My desired outcome of the Symposium was not to generate new legislation, but to shake up the perceptions of what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why are doing it, “it” being global engagement, known in some tribes as “public diplomacy” and others as “strategic communication”. I believe that mission was accomplished. Keynotes by Under Secretary Jim…

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    No webcast for the Symposium

    C-SPAN let me know earlier today that with all of the confirmation hearings tomorrow, they do not have the staff to cover the Smith-Mundt Symposium. That’s too bad, but as a friend said, C-SPAN’s coverage was the icing and not the cake.

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    Smith-Mundt Symposium: Updates

    Below are a couple of brief updates on the Smith-Mundt Symposium that will take place this coming Tuesday, January 13 at the Reserve Officers Association. Congressmen Paul Hodes (D-NH) and Adam Smith (D-Wash) are confirmed for the fourth panel Several documents have been added to the Symposium’s Library William P. Kiehl has been added to the third panel This week’s media roundtable generated some blog posts No new registrations for the event will be accepted except for Congress members and staff and the media. 

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    Smith-Mundt Symposium Update

    There are over 150 people registered to attend the Smith-Mundt Symposium on January 13, 2009, in Washington, D.C. Due to space limitations and my desire to keep people comfortable for the long day, the 165th person and after will be placed on a waiting list. This is about four times one estimate we had several months ago. This event is much more popular than I think anyone had anticipated. If you registered and are not able or do not plan to attend, please contact me so I can adjust the count accordingly. Members of Congress, including aides and staff, do not need to register and may attend by showing ID…