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    Wilson + (State + SecState) = CPI

    Start with a Department of State that strictly hews to 'traditional' diplomacy, enrich with a Secretary of State who actively undermines his boss, and then mix with a President who wants to reach foreign media and publics directly. The result is the Foreign Section of the Committee for Public Information. 

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    A Foreign Ministry for a World Power

    "For many years there has been widespread discussion of the need for reorganizing the Department of State. Students, publicists, members of Congress, and members of the Department itself have repeatedly pointed out that the Department has not been geared up to performing the functions required of the foreign office of a great twentieth-century world power."

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    “Policy is about people”

    This week, Tara Sonenshine was formally sworn-in as the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs by Secretary Clinton. Secretary Clinton’s introductory remarks were personal, insightful, and deeply supportive of public diplomacy and of Tara. While the Secretary’s comments are not available online, she began by emphasizing the importance of public diplomacy when she said the Constitution begins “with We the People, not We the Government.” Tara’s theme was the same: policy is about people. It may seem obvious to some, but it has yet to be internalized by all, whether in the Department or across the other agencies. The job of Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy…

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    The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Under Secretaries

    By Brian Carlson The following originally appeared at the Public Diplomacy Council and is republished here with permission.   Tara Sonenshine was confirmed Thursday night by the Senate, and she will probably take office officially early this week.  (She can be sworn in privately by some current official and begin work, even as a more formal ceremony is planned for a few weeks hence.) It is a new beginning down at Foggy Bottom.  Tara becomes only the seventh Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs since the job was created upon the merger of USIA into the Department in 1999. It is a propitious time to consider what habits lead to…