• Chapter head: Politics of Information Warfare in the United States by Matt Armstrong
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    The two-sentence review of my “The Politics of Information Warfare in the United States”

    It is nice to have your work reviewed. This is especially true when the product is otherwise “locked” away behind a paywall of an “academically” priced book (translation: the cost is several multiples of a reasonable price). That joy is subverted a bit when a review lacks clarity and may be interpreted to claim the opposite of what I wrote. This happened recently with a review that appeared in Parameters, a quarterly magazine from the US Army War College. The review was of my contribution — a 9500-word, footnoted version of my War on the Rocks article from January 2017, “The Past, Present, and Future of the War for Public…

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    Public Diplomacy: Books, Articles, Websites #53 (Courtesy of Bruce Gregory)

    Courtesy of Bruce Gregory, Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University. October 22, 2010 Intended for teachers of public diplomacy and related courses, here is an update on resources that may be of general interest.  Suggestions for future updates are welcome. Bruce Gregory Adjunct Professor George Washington University Georgetown University

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    Book review by Dennis Murphy on the Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy

    Dennis Murphy reviews the Routledge Handbook on Public Diplomacy edited by Nancy Snow and Phil Taylor. To address these shortcomings and provide a balanced, and heretofore lacking conceptual framework [for public diplomacy], Nancy Snow and Philip Taylor have pulled together an impressive number of academics and practitioners to lay the foundations of the concept in the 29 chapters of this handbook.  Organized topically into six parts, the editors have attempted to provide a resource with wide-appeal ranging from the lay-person interested in public diplomacy to the advanced practitioner. … The “Handbook of Public Diplomacy” is a worthy effort that provides a broad conceptual framework for the increasingly important national security…

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    Book Review: Practicing Public Diplomacy

    In his memoir, Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey, Yale Richmond tells us what public diplomacy is in a lively and personal way, by recounting his many experiences, in Asia and Eastern Europe (as well as Washington, DC), as a Foreign Service officer (FSO) handling press, educational, and cultural affairs during the second half of the past century.