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    Beijing makes its voice heard: CCTV expands in the U.S.

    The FT today reports on the continuing expansion of China’s CCTV in the United States. “China has started to serve US citizens its own side of the story with CCTV America,” writes the FT’s reporter. CCTV America, from its studio in Washington, D.C., is part of Beijing’s outreach of telling its own story through its own voice.  The expansion has been dramatic and expensive.  They are covering stories of Chinese interest that are not covered by Western media or not covered in a way the Chinese want.  Such is the purpose and advantage of Government International Broadcasting.

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    Even more on Webcams…

    GoogleMaps has awesome extensibility. Known as mashups, GooCam shows the geo location of unprotected/open webcams. They may be some hidden ones not intended to be accessible. Now if only somebody would make an ocean / news mashup include pirate attacks…

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    More Webcams

    Following up on Controlling Webcams is this bit about the UK experimenting with police CCTV available directly to the citizenry. Concerned and watchful people can report anonymous tips to the police from the voyeur perches.