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    Hitting Bottom at Foggy Bottom at ForeignPolicy.com

    Discussion over the fate of Foggy Bottom usually focuses on the tenure of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the troubles of public diplomacy, and the rise of special envoys on everything from European pipelines to Afghanistan and Pakistan. But Americans would benefit more from a reassessment of the core functionality of the U.S. State Department.

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    Guest Post: How to win the GWOT – or whatever it’s called today

    By Mark Pfeifle, Jonathan Thompson America has the finest military and diplomatic leaders in the world. They know how to win on the battlefield and at the negotiating table. Yet, despite those winning ways, there are times when they become victims of circumstances rather than drivers of events. At such times, some may falter with the media and public, and when that happens, they too often lay blame the results on bad press coverage.

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    Whither Public Diplomacy? Sixty-six days (and counting) without an Under Secretary (Updated)

    As we approach the 100-day mark for the Obama Administration and despite the accolades bestowed on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her “e-Diplomacy” initiatives, as of March 23, 2009, the office of the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs has been vacant for 63 days. Since the office of Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy was created, it has been vacant one-third of the time. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Sworn In Resigned Days in Office Days Position Vacant Total Days Percent Vacant Evelyn Lieberman 10/1/1999 1/20/2001 477         1/21/2001 10/2/2001   254     Charlotte Beers 10/2/2001 3/28/2003 542      …