• Private Military Companies

    Potential Cost of Private Military Companies

    The recent AEGIS video possibly showing inappropriate behaviour (allegations until proven) is further opening the eyes of the public on private military companies. One proported reason for the expanded use of these companies is  that private enterprise can provide services quicker and at lower costthan public enterprises is rooted in the American corporate experience. However, the “low-cost” advantages of private military forces fail to provide net cost savings when the entire engagement is included in the calculus. Consider the value of military procurement when the two options are private firms or public agencies and the private pitch is high efficiency at a lower face value than public agencies. Not included…

  • Peacekeeping,  Private Military Companies

    Accountability of Non-State Force

    The growing use of private military forces has distinctly increased its and breadth since 9/11 with an estimated 20,000 private contractors operating in Iraq alone, more than double the United Kingdom’s 8,500. Often operating without direct military or civilian monitoring or control, questions about their accountability generally focus on their status as private business or "modern" mercenaries.