CBT for Terrorists

Computer games are actively deployed in the training, debriefing, and counseling forces. The US, for example, is using computer-based training (CBT) in the form of a computer game to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. On the other hand, terrorists and insurgents (or freedom fighter, depending on whose side you sit) are using CBT too.

ABC News ran an item about Iraqi insurgents providing online sniper training. Knowledge sharing is what the internet is based on, as is filesharing. Defense and National Interest translated and posted the  powerpoints of training exercises


Other technology is of course used by the modern collaborative terrorist: CD and DVD media. MSNBC reported on this offline technology to share knowledge and lessons learned to improve future efforts. Included on this CD are instructions on

how to make anti-personnel mines, anti-tank grenades
and armor-piercing mines, along with the exact chemical formula to
create RDX — a high-powered explosive which could increase the
lethality of major attacks.

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