Dual Use Skills

There must be concern about teaching (former) Afghan fighters how to get around some of the hightest mountains in the world better than they already can. This dual use technology, personal skill + equipment, is potentially a great recruiting tool. Transforming the Afghan economy from poppy farmers to tourist haven and economic cross roads is in the interest of most people, with the obvious exception of Taliban and other extremists.

The BBC notes how a "new era of Afghan mountaineering may be about to begin."

have lots of experience in these mountains fighting the Russians," said
Commander Rahim Khan, one of the former mujahideen fighters, who handed
in his weapons earlier this year. "Now I can use this for peaceful

Much like the infiltrated Iraqi police, these guides could turn against the movement toward freedom. However, parallels between Iraq security and Afghan security are difficult to draw below the epidermus. Iraq insurgents harbor greater resentment against the foreign occupation. Perhaps fortunately, Afghanistan occupation has been more subtle with their pre-war city services being as infrequent and of poor quality as they were.

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