Are we safer?

This article requires little additional commentary, although much could be said to explain & reinforce the commissions statements. From (14 Nov 05) US – 9/11 body attacks White House:

The US commission that investigated the attacks of September 11 2001 warned on Monday that the government was failing to move quickly to isolate terrorist groups and discourage weapons proliferation.

The report gives failing grades of “insufficient progress”, “minimal
progress” and “unfulfilled” on US efforts to prevent terrorists from
acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMD), better defining the US
message to the Muslim world, and establishing clear standards for
terrorist detention among all members of the US-led coalition fighting
the war on terror.

The status report called on President George W. Bush to “maintain a
sense of urgency” in making non-proliferation, securing nuclear
material and preventing terrorists from acquiring WMD his top national
security priority, as well as demanding that Congress provide the
necessary resources for the effort.