Public Diplomacy

Army working dogs

News brief on Army dogs just because I want to. There could a public / cultural diplomacy connection — public affairs as the military calls it because the State conducts diplomacy — but I’m not looking into it.

The 67th Engineering Detachment adopted the program, began by the British Army, using dogs to find explosives and contraband almost three years ago. Most of the dogs are found in pounds or donated to the program. They undergo a training period of about three months before being placed with a handler…

Each dog is awarded rank in the Army system and receives special treatment by the system and their handler.

“The dogs are always one step higher in rank than their handler in case of abuse,” said Broda. “If a handler abuses the animal, he’s subject to UCMJ action. If I get promoted, she gets promoted as well.”

Interesting point on the rank of the dog…