Fourth Generation Category description

This is a brief note on what generally will be appearing in this category. There is an ongoing debate right on Fourth Generation Warfare that questions its existence, parameters, and solutions. This is a debate I believe is germain to foreign & security policy (is there really a difference?) and public & cultural diplomacy (again, as substantial a difference as fp and sp). Some have commented on Clausetwitz’s Trinity, including those who claim 4GW’ers misunderstood it, and those that claim that because states do not seem to be central to politics, previous versions of warfare are thus obsolete.

From the planning to the future (hoped for changed) structure of the armed forces (think QDR / Rumsfeld), integration of non-combat resources and military assets as vanguards (Barnett’s SysAdmin), and the role of private military forces in defensive, offensive, and peacekeeping (MOOTW) operations.

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