Tracking stuff is just about to get easier

A new thinner-than-paper-thin RFID (radio frequency identification) chip has been developed by Hitachi Ltd. “Ten or more times thinner than a sheet of paper” (shouldn’t that be 1/10 the thickness?), it is 0.15mm x 0.15mm x 0.01mm. Paper is .08mm-.1mm thick so the new chip could actually be used as a watermark.Applications could easily include enhanced document security. The chip could be embedded in optical media (would RFID interfere w/ electronic media?) such as DVD, CD, etc. What about embedding in clothing, jewelry and watches, etc. Making the tracker inconspicuous raises the possibilities.

One thought on “Tracking stuff is just about to get easier

  1. The attachment of bulkier tracking chips to spooks may have been going on for some time.Makes them easier to follow.
    The Russians also used radioactive dust on documents which then found its away onto hapless spooks. All for the same tracking reason. Crude but effective (all of the above is in the public domain).

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