New embassy design?

Palaceofsoviets1934_1 Is this a drawing by someone in the Administration of what the Baghdad embassy should look like? Has it entered the blogosphere through FOIA? Alas, no. It does represent "imminent triumph" but not of America or even the West, but of Communism. More here

"The competition for the Palace of Soviets in
Moscow was one of the most extensive and impressive of this century.
The idea of constructing a building which could be a symbol of the
"imminent triumph of communism" in the capital of the world’s first
state of workers and peasants was mooted in the 1920s. The chosen
location was the site of the demolished Church of Christ the Saviour.
The competition was launched in 1931 and carried out in stages.
Overall, 160 entries were submitted, including 12 commissioned ones and
24 which were fiors concours, as well as 112 project proposals. Twenty
four proposals were received from foreign participants, among whom were
such universally acclaimed architects as Le Corbusier, W.Gropius and