Nigerian referees OK’d to take bribes

Briefly, information and communication technology (ICT) cannot work in a vacuum to reform Nigeria: Nigerian referees OK’d to take bribes

LAGOS, Nigeria – Soccer referees in Nigeria can take bribes from clubs but should not allow them to influence their decisions on the field, a football official said on Friday….Despite a high-profile campaign to stamp out graft in the impoverished
African country, Nigeria consistently ranks among the most corrupt
countries in the world — and soccer is no exception.

ICT may enable that democraticization of information, knowledge, and decision-making, but corruption openly permeating sport is like the termite droppings on the window sill: you always knew they were there but the volume of activity has risen to make their action blatently visible. No one questions that corruption is deep in Nigeria, but the public needs to understand that accepting such behavior gives ammunition and motivation to the rebels in the south-south and the fundamentalists in the North.