Civil-Military Divide: SecDef battling the military

The Armchair Generalist has a some good bits on the deepening crevasse between the SecDef (i.e. the Administration), the professional military (notably the non-politicized outside of the Pentagon… there’d goes my contract, if I had one), and reality:

There seems to be a difference of opinion between Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and our fighting boys in Iraq. Andrew Sullivan, of all people, expresses his disgust at Rumsfeld’s rambling over whether there is a civil war brewing in Iraq…

I suggestion you go read the rest of his Life Sucks, and Then post… and then you might meander through some previous posts in the Civil-Military Relations section in MountainRunner for some conflicts between the SecDef and Pace (and other experts), problems with recruiting and retention (here, here, , and what is happening when we’re spending that $8bn / month (and here and here) Armchair Generalist reminds us of (and how much is for force and other protection that is allegedly a cost-saving solution of PSCs?)….