Dell Laptop Batteries… the kinetic laptop?

As I use a Dell laptop and have three batteries to power me through an entire day (and having disposed of two earlier batteries that no longer held a charge), news of a Dell recall of batteries caught my eye. Back in June of this year there was a picture of an exploding Dell on a table ("Dude, your Dell is on fire"), which was scary enough if you use your laptop as, well, a laptop. Check out these other fun pictures of Dell laptops (which I still like since I can’t afford an IBM and am not ready to switch back to Mac… my last Apple was a IIsi) if you’re bored or are questioning investing in that data backup solution…

2 thoughts on “Dell Laptop Batteries… the kinetic laptop?

  1. Glad to see Dell aspiring to such things. Funny,when Apple makes an announcement like this,
    it’s because they’ve done it – switched all
    of their displays to LED. Dell then announces
    they they’re going to plan switching to LED screens
    in the future…. Umm, okay, but rather than the press
    conference and greenwashing, how’s about they actually
    switch to LED displays, and then we can chat about it.

  2. I would prefer you to sell out your dell laptop and buy Toshiba one, which has long battery hold time.

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