Does the MountainRunner run mountains?

Briefly, yes. This evening a group of us are running 26 miles in the Angeles National Forest starting at 10p. Why? A friend of mine is training for the Angeles Crest 100 and this is part of the course. He’s run it before, but not under moonlight. Fortunately we had a full moon last night (or was it the night before?) so tonight should be naturally bright, but enhanced by our own devices. If the moon’s bright enough, we may not need our batteries but then there’s the tree cover… If you are curious, this adventure is being filmed as a documentary, titled Above the Clouds.

2 thoughts on “Does the MountainRunner run mountains?

  1. Well, I’m jealous as hell–I’d be hard-pressed to run a quarter of that distance on well-lit pavement, never mind the conditions you were contemplating. Hope it went well and your friend got some good training in.

  2. It was an awesome run and a ‘transformational’ one at that, to use a word popular in some circles today. Paul, when you’re up for it, come out for a run w/ Luna and me in our local mountains. If you’re really concerned about the distance, I can bring along my three-legged dog… or even the kid in the jogger. Pics in follow up post.

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