New blog on Iraq

Robert Young Pelton, of Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror, has just launched a very interesting website: IraqSlogger: Insights, Scoops & Blunders. Pelton, who has delved deeply in the private security business to investigate and report, has clearly moved into the private intelligence arena based on the information on the site. The line between investigative journalism and intelligence can be fuzzy. If you have the trust that Pelton and his IC’s (independent contractors… knowing Pelton, I doubt they are on a payroll…) have, HUMINT is a natural by-product (It’ll be interesting what the RFI on this story turns up).

Good information across the spectrum with sensible topic headings, the format is too busy and the colors seem a little National Inquirer-ish. The combination of mainstream media and first-person reporting makes this a required portal for anybody wanting perspective on what’s going on inside Iraq. Getting information is through visiting the site or updates via email, but where’s the RSS, Robert?

Check it out: IraqSlogger: Insights, Scoops & Blunders.

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