ConflictWiki (Updated)

One reason I’ve posted some “academic-like” posts on this site, in addition to files, is the hope of using MountainRunner as something of a repository of knowledge. In spite of my writing skills, I’m still hoping to accomplish this and have decided to create a wiki after looking at entries like counterinsurgency, Blackwater, public diplomacy, SWET, Muhammad Khalil al-Hakaymah, and even John Nagl on Wikipedia. These just aren’t adequate for the needs of the SO/LIC, PMC, public diplomacy, smart power, and terrorism communities. As these groups are intricately linked together and require greater or at least different details on these topics.

As of this post, there’s nothing on the just-installed ConflictWiki (, be the first to post something useful and we can build a shared community resource.

By the way, information on al-Hakaymah, see West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center.

3 thoughts on “ConflictWiki (Updated)

  1. Excellent idea. I work in CT/COIN (contractor, Army) and have thought about an open-source repository myself. Having everything – from FM 3-24 and Robb’s GGs to Dreaming 5GW and tdaxp – wikified and cross-linked would be awesome. Have you thought about approaching those guys directly? I don’t know how copyright would work or how/who to monitor edits and disputes, but… When the DoD announced ‘intellipedia’ I was excited – for about 3 seconds as it’s only on the SIPR… This could be far better if it flowers.BTW, like the new layout. Your site is part of my daily reading.

  2. Mountain Runner,Thanks for the link to the comment. I was aware of “intellipedia,” but a wide-ranging link to GG, Dreaming 5GW, Zenpundit, and your site would be perfect.

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