Using ICT in the Gap

ZenPundit’s post on the $100 laptop (aka One Laptop Per Child initiative) ends with the excellent suggestion of minding the Gap within the US instead. It would probably get better traction than Microsoft’s interesting cell phone alternative (and its inherent focus on communication for market and other info) now that schools are trying to limit cell use.

So what type of investment would make an impact in the Gap? Personally, I think if given only $50,000, a real impact could be had with minimal risk, especially in one northern Nigerian state, with the right plan of course.

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2 thoughts on “Using ICT in the Gap

  1. Delta State is very different with very different dynamics that are more socio-political. I think education is important, but broader infrastructure development and jobs would be more important. In the north, there aren’t Westerners and corrupt government officials “stealing resources” like in the south.

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