Blogroll Addition

Yet another addition: PCR Project, a CSIS blog on prevention, conflict analysis, and reconstruction. Post-conflict reconstruction (PCR) is a popular topic these days covering a wide range of topics.

On the same topic, but not a blogroll addition, is the new Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding (H/T C-M blog, initial issue avail free):

…a new cross-disciplinary journal devoted to academic and practitioner analysis of international intervention with the purpose of strengthening state capacities.

Statebuilding – constructing or reconstructing institutions of governance capable of providing citizens with physical and economic security – is widely held to be one of the most pressing policy questions facing the international community today. Those concerned with such issues cross the political spectrum. They include political realists who argue that there is more to fear from failing states than from conquering ones. They also embrace activists who see the dysfunction of state institutions as lying at the heart of the global poverty trap. Indeed, it is the intersection of these concerns on the part of the security and development communities that has made state-building a core policy focus across the policy agendas of major Western states, international institutions and international NGOs.