China in Africa: perceptions

Jen Brea’s terrific posts on Africa Beat provides a great insight into the “China in Africa” question. Following up on the theme of the week, China in Africa, here are some valuable and topical posts from Jen.

Jen links to a Singapore-based blogger writing about President Hu’s recent Africa trip:

Chinese President Hu Jintao is on a 10-day-visit to Africa now. Many state-owned news media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, headline his visit on their websites’ front page almost everyday. His tour has also attracted attention from Chinese netizens.

The Chinese government regards Hu’s visit as a great diplomatic victory. Many Chinese echo with exultance.

A popular post applauded Hu’s effort in Sudan’s Darfur crisis, China vs. the US in Africa: Bush failed, Hu Jintao succeeded!!!





Our brother Hu thawed the Darfur crisis with his cordial smile! The United Nations peacekeeping force is going to station (in Darfur) with his cordial smile!

Bush failed, brother Hu succeeded with smile!!!

Sino-Africa friendship is a true friendship!!!!!!

Support brother Hu!!!!

From her post on China and African technology transfer, she quotes a civil servant after Li Zhaoxing’s visit to Benin:

But for us Africans who have been languishing in the shadow of poverty an alienation, finding it hard to take hold of our destiny and get rid of the fate, we look forward to making our own the Chinese proverb which says: ” it is better to learn to fish rather than be given a fish ” and I shall add gladly: ” and not to be reduced to salivate while it is cooking in our own kitchen, in the Chinese sauce …”


Chinese Cars Make a Mark in Nairobi – The blog Kenya Online Today writes about China’s entry into the Kenya auto market.

China denies chequebook diplomacy in Africa,” Mail & Guardian, January 9, 2007. :”China dismissed a Taiwan accusation of buying diplomatic recognition in Africa with $250-million in aid and loans on Tuesday, saying it was like a burglar shouting: “Stop thief!””

China opens African farming institute

Overall, check out her China in Africa articles (which makes me realize how much I’m missing).

For background, see my post on Chinese public plans for Africa published Feb 2006: Practicing Effective Public Diplomacy in Africa.