Public Diplomacy on the web… by Israel

A story on modern public diplomacy on Salon highlights the activities of the state of Israel. The state has its own MySpace page, it’s own blog, and even a bunch of YouTube videos. Apparently the Foreign Ministry will start publishing their own blog, with the personal thoughts of FM officials, soon.

Hmmm, I wonder if you asked the Foreign Ministry who is tasked with these projects, they’d say “I think four or five“? Definitely an interesting reach out.

Thanks AE for mentioning this.

3 thoughts on “Public Diplomacy on the web… by Israel

  1. I had a post on this sort of thing although in retrospect I think it was way too jargony.The main point is that Israel’s public diplomacy is the wave of the future. But unless its backed up with policy designed to make sure nothing happens to publicly contradict the image they’re building, its useless.

  2. Your last sentance, Adam, is sadly one that is not understood by far too many. One need only look at the monologue from the White House, SecDef, Bremer, and others for proof.

  3. If you get a chance, pick up a book called “Spin” by Michael Sitrick, who is pound for pound the best LA PR guy. He’s mainly a celebrity PR person, but every single sentence of that book applies to what we’re doing here.Sitrick’s main point he always tells the celebrities he advises is that no matter what kind of magic he weaves, they (1) can’t lie (2)have to actually fit the image he constructs.

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