Monday’s Mash-up

For Monday’s Mash-up, I offer the following for consumption.

From the British media we have:

  • ArmorGroup wins a $189 million contract to protect the US Embassy in Kabul. This, in the words of TimesOnline (and probably ArmorGroup itself), “confirms Armor as a leader in diplomat protection.”
  • An MP wants to know the Rules of Engagement (RoE) of security contractors in Iraq, as noted in a letter to the editor. Apparently 25% of UK Iraq aid goes to security (why so low? US figures are closer to 33% and up to 50%, are we getting charged too much?, if we give the UK a 5% commission, we’d still save money).

While we’re on the private military industry…

On the wiki front:

On US military readiness and breaking the force (see my posts on Readiness and Recruiting):