Chinese Tuesday

As is the new tradition here at MountainRunner, Tuesday is Chinese Tuesday, the day I post selected news and links on China.

  • Several years ago China cranked up the use of soft power.

    [C]ultural diplomacy, along with the political diplomacy and economic diplomacy, are regarded as three pillars for the Chinese diplomacy. It is an important component of the overall strategy of diplomacy.”…

    Cultural diplomacy has created a good atmosphere for Chinese overall diplomacy and played an important role in promoting bilateral ties. It has played a unique role in the exchanges of Chinese leaders with their foreign counterparts; it promotes trustiness and alleviates doubts when developing relations with neighboring countries; the “long-lasting and nonstop” cultural diplomacy is crucial for stabilizing, consolidating and developing the relations with the developing countries; it serves to win people’s hearts and promote government exchanges with countries that have not established diplomatic relations with China.

    Culture is soft but powerful because its essence is like water. It can exert a subtle influence on people. The cultural exchanges are that of souls and emotions. It is irreplaceable by communications of other types. Under the economic globalization, cultural exchange plays an increasingly important role in international relations. The countries in the world, especially the western powers attach importance to demonstrating their own culture through cultural means, publicizing their values, and enhancing the country’s influence. Therefore it is an obligation as well as a mission to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation and throw oneself into the international cultural exchanges. 

    The above article from 2004 is worthy its own post, but I’ll just ask this: Can someone tell me how Ms. Hughes seeks to boost America’s trustiness? Don’t tell me she lacks the funds necessary if she really is as close to the President as she is supposed to be.

  • In other (current) news, China’s gold production increases at average annual rate of 5.6%:

    China is now the third biggest consumer of gold in the world. Total sales of gold and jewelry were valued at more than 1,400 billion yuan, and exports were valued at US$5.49 billion. China has become one of the largest gold and jewelry trade centers in the world.

  • And, I just received Josh Kurlantzick’s book, Charm Offensive: How China’s Soft Power Is Transforming the World. I’m looking forward to reading that, but it won’t be until next week unfortunately.

(Not on China but on reading, I also received John Robb’s book that I’m skimming for a project this week, deeper reading later.)

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  1. How would you separate the influence of “cultural diplomacy” from the fact that China buys raw materials but does not project force?China is “trusty” because China pays cash and doesn’t ask questions. That’s much, much less annoying for all manner of regimes.

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