DHS and Sigma

I’m in Hawaii this week on a family vacation, so obviously it’s very light on the posting (and thinking). I didn’t complete my post on the DHS conference to my satisfaction before leaving the mainland, so I never posted my comments on that and related subjects.

In the gap of my post on the DHS conference, some brief comments on my two panels (Science as Diplomacy and Blogging on Technology), and my two+ hours w/ the guys (and gal) from Sigma, read Jason, Paul, and Michael’s posts on Sigma until I return next week.

I’ll have that Mai Tai now…

5 thoughts on “DHS and Sigma

  1. Maybe you can answer this question, Matt – for a scifi group of technical experts, why is it that they don’t have a website? Did William Gibson and Neal Stephenson turn down membership, so there is no website?

  2. Has anyone seen “Day of the Condor” with Robert Redford? This is a wonderful idea that has floated around for quite a while. I look forward to Matt’s view on the conference.

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