Updating the Blogroll

Two new additions to the blogroll:

First, Abu Muqawama (“Father of the Resistance”). Recommended for the counterinsurgent in you. His post today Insanity in Afghanistan is spot on. How would you respond to this question:

How do these events affect your efforts to win the hearts and minds of the people in Afghanistan?

Do you think you’d respond like this?

I — well, to the extent that people understand that we’re working there on — working on their behalf, I think in the long run they understand that these actions — any loss of innocent life isn’t intentional on our part and that we certainly hope that they understand that.

I’m not exactly sure how this differentiates our tactics from the bad guys’. Is it intent? or that we’re apologetic? Notable line: “we certainly hope that they understand that.” Implied message: because we know we’re not making it clear.

(Thanks Phil for this recommendation.)

Second addition is Seth Weinberger’s Security Dilemmas where he’s writing on international relations and domestic politics.

Back to Phil at Intel Dump, here’s his description of MountainRunner:

An eclectic blog which covers a wide range of security subjects from contemporary counterinsurgency to technology and procurement.


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