Amazon 1 : Google 0

Amazon’s move into hosted environments is leaping ahead of Google’s dominance of web ownership. Overall Amazon Web Services is pretty cool stuff (the Turk, Simple Storage Service, and more), but the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (Amazon EC2) is really cool. I don’t know if they’re using VMWare or what SAN they’re using (StorageWorks? Content Addressed Storage?), but they’ve got game. Check it out.

I’m not happy with MediaWiki platform for the ConflictWiki, and will be exploring solutions that might be better hosted on a dedicated Amazon EC2 system, or on my very capable ISP.

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  1. MR,The ConflictWiki has recently been discussed in comments at D5GW. Perhaps this is a good time to ask what sort of scope you are planning for ConflictWiki, and whether you want it to include the sort of hypothetical or non-standard material discussed at D5GW?
    I’m terribly ignorant of various wiki platforms, although my hosting account provides free installs of PHPWiki and TikiWiki, which I’ve been considering using for a glossary for D5GW. TikiWiki seems particularly robust, with simpler editing of entries than MediaWiki. Yesterday, I found a simple comparison of many wiki programs at Wikipedia: “Comarisons of wiki software.”

  2. Thanks for asking. The scope is broad.The goal is to build a central repository of persistent knowledge to be cross-referenced and cited on all things related to conflict, not just “war”.
    I looked at the various wiki offerings, some are better than others with different intended applications. Now that I’m more educated on this platform and unable to afford the enterprise solutions I’m more familiar with, I’ll return to the well and try something else, a wiser person. Although, the ConflictWiki is still live and usable and I plan a data migration to the new platform. There was one extremely prolific creator of shell entries who I never thanked. Take a look at his blog:
    The key I’m looking for templating, not just editing. Yes, the MediaWiki requires understanding its markup language, but I want form-fill in to make it easy for all, human and computer, to create and retrieve. Standardization makes the data more usable.

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