Another way to Add MountainRunner to your Google Page

Many of you don’t use RSS readers like Newsgator, instead preferring to read MountainRunner through the email delivery option (nightly delivery of the day’s posts) or one the feed aggregators like PageFlakes, NetVibes, etc.

Feedburner makes it easy for you to read MountainRunner using virtually any reading platform or technique you have. But there’s another option in town now.

MountainRunner is now available as a native iGoogle gadget. This gadget is created specifically for the Google personalized home page and allows me to give you a little more information, with a customized layout, than before.  

Check it out. Or, continue to use the the “old” version for your Google page, it’s not going anywhere. Choice is good.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. This is my first gadget after years of not programming. There will be enhancements down the road which will appear seamlessly on your desktop.

(By the way, the refresh rate on the gadget is one hour, meaning there may be a lag from the time a post appears on MountainRunner and when it appears on gadget, but I bet you’ll be okay with that.)