On War… Czar

See Charles Stevenson’s (author of Warriors and Politiciansop-ed in the Baltimore Sun:

Newly named “war czar” Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute cannot take over his duties until he is confirmed by the Senate. The other White House officials running the war, from national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley on down, are exempt from congressional scrutiny because they are considered “advisers” to the president – not accountable policymakers – and their jobs are not written into law. If the president had chosen a civilian, or even a military retiree, the Senate would have had no say.

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One thought on “On War… Czar

  1. Whenever the US Government appoints a “Czar”, you know two things:

    1. We are in really, really deep trouble.

    2. People don’t remember that most real czars ranged from terrible (Ivan) to incompetent (Nicholas II), and not even Peter was all that great.

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