Unwarranted Attack on Petraeus Aide (SWJ Blog)

Read Unwarranted Attack on Petraeus Aide on the Small Wars Journal Blog. Be sure to read the SWJ Editor comment as well. Diana West’s confused attack on Kilcullen is not entirely surprising, although it’s completely out of line and wrong, considering the failure of the Administration to create a viable, real, and consistent message regarding the enemy. West writes as if she understands the threat, which she clearly does not. But can you blame her based on the info she’s been fed? Sweeping generalizations abound in domestic and foreign information operations, public affairs, press relations, public diplomacy, whatever you want to call it. Clearly, she’s drunk the punch without asking questions. It seems to me, she would have become a Nazi if she “had been a German during a certain world war”.

One thought on “Unwarranted Attack on Petraeus Aide (SWJ Blog)

  1. The woman reminds me of Meghan O’Sullivan. Lots of book knowledge, no experience, and enough arrogance to keep the Hindenburg aloft.

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