AFRICOM gets a commander

From the DOD, yesterday General William E. Ward, current deputy commander EUCOM, was nominated for re-appointment to the rank of general with assignment as commander, U.S. Africa Command, Stuttgart, Germany. Noteworthy is Gen. Ward is the US’s only black four-star, and the fifth to achieve that rank (he was promoted to it May 2006).

His new gig won’t be a full command until September 2008. Until then, he’ll probably keep his house in Stuttgart, Germany.

EUCOM, the majority “owner” of Africa for now, may have tapped the right man for the job. Let’s hope so. It’s at least good potential diplomacy with the publics of Africa.

One thought on “AFRICOM gets a commander

  1. I would gamble heftily that AFRICOM will be remaining in Germany for quite some time to come and that the General will be passing that house on to another replacement.

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