Armut Bekämpfen mit “Blackface” (updated)

sondernuberhauptnicht Fighting poverty and illiteracy in Africa with blackfaced kids. Brilliant! Why I didn’t think of that? Right, I know why…

Looking at this as a Barnettian (does it sound like “Martian” or “bar-net-ian”?), this is another example of how elements in the Core don’t get the Gap. And like Pink Floyd’s lament that you can’t eat your pudding if you don’t eat your meat, you can’t really help if you don’t understand who you’re helping. (See Brea’s posts on Bono and for real fun consider the requirements of counterinsurgency and the requirements of understanding who, what, and why.)

(BTW- if you have any interest in Africa, read Jen Brea)


6 thoughts on “Armut Bekämpfen mit “Blackface” (updated)

  1. answer: bar-net-ian. rhyming with Martian would only make sense if Tom’s last name also ended in an ‘s’. maybe…hey, you ClustrMap over there is looking pretty Core-Gap 😉

  2. Isn’t it rather ethnocentric (provincial, etc) to apply the connotations of a form of 19th century studio make-up to all other countries?Perhaps this post could have been about how the Core doesn’t understand itself…

  3. Dan, I think you’re right. We always forget the whole of Sun Tzu’s famous quote about knowing the enemy, especially the first part about knowing oneself.

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