• variable

    Matt:I must admit it: I did have to look up the term “dihydrogenoxide” since I wasn’t immediately familiar with this mysteriously dangerous compound.
    The moment I realized just how pervasive this insipid compound actually is, I felt a bit ashamed and foolish – hook, line, and sinker!
    Good grief – to be so easily played over a simple play

  • deichmans

    DO NOT EXPOSE TO OPEN FLAMES!And be extra careful with those flames if you happen to be near canisters containing noble gases. Oh, the humanity!!

  • Lurch

    I note on the sponsoring organization’s homepage that dihydrogenoxide is described as a colorless, odorless chemical.This is just flat wrong. The Dachshund That Controls The Known Universe can actually detect this chemical in either its raw or tamed state and for a easily negotiated annual royalty fee I would be happy to place his amazing skill at DHMO’s disposal.