Blackwater in Iraq

Noah posted a good response by P.W. Singer at Danger Room this morning. No time for more than a few quick comments:

  • There is no license to be revoked.
  • Blackwater is an agent of the US Government operating extremely closely with our diplomatic personnel, reducing the rhetorical distance of the PSC mission.
  • The MOI can’t attack the US directly when US Military does something like this, at least not effectively with such a large media response.
  • The MOI, by attacking Blackwater, a direct agent of the US, can make a statement with relative security.
  • Blackwater, as an agent of the US, should be shielded by the US and defended or punished by the US. Any other action allows rumor to build and perceptions to turn more negative against an agent of the US, regardless of whatever you think of Blackwater.
  • The problem isn’t with Blackwater itself, this whole thing, as Singer says, is inevitable and we’re still not dealing with the root causes.

See my post earlier today that was not originally on this incident but is still applicable.