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Lost Irony

Is “virtually impotent” really the best description of a person who inspires many, many people on the Web? NSA Frances Townsend gets the propaganda element of Osama bin Laden’s message, but she doesn’t get that OBL out-maneuvers the US, home of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, on the web (directly and indirectly) and in the war of perceptions.

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  • Michael Tanji

    When you use a standard ruler to measure in a metric world, your vocab is always going to come up short.Impotent? He’s in Craplacistan sending messages over a laptop and he still gets the entire world to stop, look and listen. Potentially, his rambling diatribe could have triggered attacks that would have sent a still boggled security and emergency response apparatus into fits.
    Impotent? OBL is a one-man pol-mil ED drug wrecking crew.