Lost Irony

Is “virtually impotent” really the best description of a person who inspires many, many people on the Web? NSA Frances Townsend gets the propaganda element of Osama bin Laden’s message, but she doesn’t get that OBL out-maneuvers the US, home of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, on the web (directly and indirectly) and in the war of perceptions.

One thought on “Lost Irony

  1. When you use a standard ruler to measure in a metric world, your vocab is always going to come up short.Impotent? He’s in Craplacistan sending messages over a laptop and he still gets the entire world to stop, look and listen. Potentially, his rambling diatribe could have triggered attacks that would have sent a still boggled security and emergency response apparatus into fits.
    Impotent? OBL is a one-man pol-mil ED drug wrecking crew.

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