Proteus Monograph Series Fellowship Program and Proteus Writing Excellence Award

The “secretive” Proteus group, which MountainRunner is proud to be a fellow of, has announced its 2008 monograph and writing award programs. See below for details.


The Proteus Management Group (PMG) uses the Proteus Monograph Series Fellows Program (PMSFP) to fund research by scholars who are not affiliated with the U.S. Government or U. S. Military. These scholars can be located either in the United States or abroad. The PMSFP is a “contractual relationship” rather than a “grant.” The U.S. Government’s executive agent provides payment for the research monograph upon completion of the project.

Abstracts for this year’s program must be submitted No later than 20 January 2008. For full details, please see this Word document.


The Proteus Writing Excellence Award (PWEA) is a U.S. Government sponsored program administered by the Proteus Management Group (PMG).

Its intent is to showcase exceptional papers and theses by scholars at accredited universities and colleges. This program falls under the scope of the Proteus Monograph Series Fellows Program (PMSFP) and is “monetary” awards program. Interested scholars can submit their work for consideration and selection at any time. All submissions must be no older that one year; preferably completed within the current academic year.

All work should be related to graduate and postgraduate research or course work. All paper submissions must be endorsed by their authors’

academic Department Chair or Dean. The PMG writing and publication committee will select papers based on quality and relevance to the topical areas out outlined in the attached program document. This is an ongoing program with no suspense on submissions. Papers can be submitted at anytime throughout the academic year.

Selected authors will receive a writing award certificate and a U.S.

Savings Bond. The selected work will be showcased on the PMG website and archived in the PMG “Knowledge Center”. For full details, please see this Word document.