MountainRunner around the web

Who linked to MountainRunner recently? Not much this time…

Mike starts his Christmas list recalling an offline comment on his pink Pearl (maybe it’s not pink, but it may as well be). 

There are times when I see something that interests a friend and forward it with the hopes it spurs a smart post). Jason’s post, Depth of Stupidity, is one example.

A few linked to Doing Strategic Communications in Iraq, or Not: Dave at SWJ noted I got my "dander up"; Josh Foust gave me two hands: the (first hand) Conjecturer and the Second Hand Conjecturer; and Wolf Pangloss’s Fish Taco Stand (?) linked to it as well for a definition of CLCs.

Dave at SWJ linked again: MountainRunner cuts to the quick in pointing out something we should be very concerned about in Iraq OKs Raids on Blackwater.

Alias linked to Bringing the real world home and knowing their real world.